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  •  -Garage Doors


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When is a Building Permit Required?

Section 104.1.1 of the Florida Building Code states: "Any owner, authorized agent, or contractor who desires to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish, or change the occupancy or occupant content of a building or structure, or any outside area being used as part of the building's designated occupancy (single or mixed) or to erect, install, enlarge, alter, repair, remove, convert, or replace any electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing system, the installation of which is regulated by the technical codes, or to cause any such work to be done, shall first make application to the building official and obtain the required permit for the work."

Permits are required for replacement of windows, sliding glass doors, screen enclosures, storage sheds and carports of canvas or metal.

How do I get a building permit?

Building permits are issued in the name of the person(s) performing the work. Only licensed contractors, or owners/builders may obtain a permit. Owner/builder permits are limited to the new construction of one single family residence per 24 month period and interior remodeling of commercial buildings is limited to $5,000 in value.

Where do I get a permit?

There are different building jurisdictions. Each city has it's own building official who issues building permits for work within that city's limits.

If you live in unincorporated Miami-Dade County or the City of West Miami, the Miami-Dade County Building Department will issue building permits.

Why get a permit?

It's the law! A permit brings you the service of Building Department Plans Reviewers and Inspectors who are experts in their field. In addition to giving advice, they approve each phase of your project, checking to see that the work is done in accordance with the code and the approved plans.

Working without a permit is illegal and can result in fines and cause problems if and when you sell your house.

What happens if I have been cited for beginning construction prior to obtaining a permit?

If the construction conforms to code and your plans are acceptable, the permit will be issued and appropriate inspections will be made. If the construction does not conform to code, you have two options: The construction must be brought into compliance or it must be removed. If the construction is not permitted under any circumstances, then it must be removed. You must have a permit to demolish the non conforming construction and an inspection must be made to ensure that it has been demolished and the property cleared.

How will I know when I need inspections?

Inspections depend on what is involved in the project. Simply stated, an inspection is required prior to covering up any part of the construction.

Who assumes the responsibility if a contractor tells me to get an owner/builder permit?

The owner is responsible. It is up to the owner to ensure that the contractor obtains his own permit. This permit makes the contractor legally responsible for their portion of the work. If you hire a contractor, it is your responsibility to ensure that the contractor is licensed and insured. Always ask to see the permit for your project. If no permit is obtained, you (the owner) are legally responsible. The status of a contractor's license can be verified with the Office of Building Code Compliance.

Do I need insurance for anyone helping me with the construction?

It is the owner's responsibility to obtain insurance for all those on the job except licensed contractors. Check with your insurance agent. Your homeowner's policy may provide coverage or you may need a rider to your policy to cover your liability. Since October 1, 1989, contractors are required by State Law to carry Workers' Compensation Insurance if they have one or more employees.

May I do my own work?

If you plan to do the work, you are required to provide adequate proof of your ability to each of the processors, in the discipline you are requesting to work. Additionally, owner/builders are limited to one permit per two year period for the construction of a new single family residence.

For how long is a building permit valid?

A building permit is valid, provided an approved inspection is obtained within 180 days of its issuance and an approved inspection is obtained every 180 days until completion.

We are honest and most importantly we finish jobs on time AND on budget.

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